Saturday, 4 July 2015

When Summer Ends by Isabelle Rae

Genre: Romance
Style: Romantic and Thoughtful
Recommended: 15+
Other: Stand alone novel

I really loved this book and have been waiting for another book by Rae for the past 3 years! She is a really good writer and I love the plot of this novel. I love how it talks about an issue that isn't ever talked about and something many people think in 
inappropriate (student, teacher relations) however this novel focuses on the innocence and struggle of this situation and what happens when love is involved and for that reason this is a very interesting and gripping novel simply about the struggle of two people who are forbidden from being together but are in love. This is a relatively innocent novel and is therefore appropriate for most teenagers and above. 

Chloe Henderson has never been one to break the rules or push the boundaries… but during her summer break, she and her friends use fake IDs to sneak into a club. It’s there that she meets handsome and alluring bartender, Will Morris. The pair hit it off immediately, growing closer with every passing day. But as with every summer, it has to end sometime. Chloe’s senior year approaches and there’s a shock in store when she returns to do her final year at school. Will is there too, but he’s not one of her fellow students…
A tale of forbidden love, broken hearts, friendship, and rivalry.

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