Saturday, 4 July 2015

Save Me by Natasha Preston

Genre: Romance
Save MeStyle: Sad and Emotional
Recommended: 14+
Other: Stand alone novel

The thing I liked most about this book was that it was unlike any other book I have read. I came across Save Me because I had just finished re-reading Silence by Natasha Preston and wanted to read some more of her work and this book didn't disappoint. Its main focus is around a girl called Tegan who is struggling to cope with the sudden death of her father and is in need of being saved, hence the title. In this book you see how she comes to terms with this loss both short and long term. There are two main male characters in this novel which help bring it another dynamic by adding the ideas of love into this already intricate and complicated story line. If you have read and enjoyed any other of Prestons work then this book will not disappoint. If you are interested in romance and emotional stories then you will like this book. The only thing which annoyed me was the inaccuracy with dates. e.g. Preston would refer to something say in October, then say it is January but that's five months later?? Apart from that though this is a really good book! Honestly i'm just being picky!

Tegan Pennells used to care about everything: family, friends, boys, school, and music. But then her dad died and that stopped. She doesn’t care about her relationship with her mum and sister. She doesn’t care that she’s pushed away most of her friends. She doesn’t care that she lost her virginity to her friend’s brother in the backseat of his car. She doesn’t care that she uses men, or what people think about her friends with benefits agreement with Kai, a guy she met in a bar. Tegan doesn’t care about the man that received her father’s heart. And she doesn’t want to care about that man’s son. She doesn’t want to care about anything ever again.

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